To accelerate the transition of enterprises to hyper-automated services, while significantly improving customer happiness

Our Philosophy

For us, the founders of Almawiz, it is a very exciting new chapter in our Life — the birth of Almawiz. We liked the name Alma because it means a collection of letters that represent the first letters of our children! We also like that it means alma wiz (Alma, means ‘soul’ in Spanish, which we try to invest in creating solutions and Wiz, means ‘magical skill’ in English, which we try to conjure while writing the algorithms) — the whole point is that we believe creations happen best when we invest in soul and magic.

We Are Excited About

Open Source Community

Both for solution creation and consumption.

Algorithmic Business

Algorithms to drive sales

Access Economy

Trading services based on access rather than ownership

Intelligent Self Service

Correlating conversation to insights by understanding data

Our Team

Dr. Sanjoy Paul

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sanjoy Paul brings more than 25 years of experience leading Technology, Strategy, Innovation, R&D, Product Development, and Product Management for Fortune 500 companies and startups in the United States and India. He has held senior Executive positions in Accenture, Infosys, Lucent Technologies, and AT&T Bell Labs in the reverse chronological order, worked as CTO in 3 venture-backed start-ups, and founded two companies. Recognized in the industry as an innovator, disruptive entrepreneur, and an authority in AI and IoT, he has a proven track record of converting new technology ideas into successful businesses multiple times during his 25 year career. Dr. Paul has impressive credentials in the field of innovation supported by 92 granted US patents, and multiple awards from renowned organizations like IEEE, New Jersey R&D Council, MIT Technology Review, Accenture, Bell Labs, Infosys and Wipro Technologies.

Most recently, he was the Global Digital Head for Manufacturing Business Unit of Wipro responsible for driving business transformation of clients in Process and Discrete Manufacturing, Automobile and Aerospace industries leveraging innovative digital technologies, such as Industrial IoT (IIOT), Conversational AI, Cloud, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Sanjoy holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Kharagpur, an M.S and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, and an MBA from the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and a Fellow of the IET.

Trudeau Fernandes

Chief Technology Officer

Trudeau Fernandes is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Almawiz. His main interest is to understand how to design software systems and how to maximize the value of the developed software program can deliver against it. While doing so he identifies and leverages patterns of good software and infrastructure architecture, and the processes that can support his design and implementation with automation. A maverick who infuses soul into implementation.

Dr. Anurag

Chief Advisor

Dr. Anurag Srivastava is the Chief Advisor to Almawiz. He is currently the COO, SID, IISc and responsible to scale Industry and IISc research collaboration to address industry’s innovation, applied research and breakthrough needs to help achieve global leadership in their markets. Prior to this, he was CTO, Wipro Technologies managing business innovation using futuristic technologies, technical steam and IP management, technology alliances in advanced areas with industry and academic forums. An alumni of IISc and IIT-BHU, he renders the right confluence of academic-research and technology-implementation.

Technology Partners

Deployment and Operations Partner

  • Cloud and Infrastructure Services
  • Digital Operations Platfor`tm
  • Manufacturing Business Unit
  • Oracle Practice

Academic and Advisory Partner