Insight Engine

Creates a multi-dimensional knowledge graph by using deep learning to ingest data from historical records of problem resolution, technical manuals, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, emails, SMS, and the internet to facilitate query resolution

Virtual Agent

Holds human-like conversation with customers, collects relevant data using natural language understanding, provides appropriate answers, and transfers the call to human agent if needed.


Enables customers and virtual agents to communicate using multiple channels (telephone, web, mobile, social). Seamlessly extends the same experience to human agents by transferring an ongoing session with full context

Smart IVR Converter

Route an incoming call to a virtual agent and seamlessly transfer the call back to a human agent (if/when required) while adhering to industry security norms

Agent Assist

Intelligent software that interfaces with PBX systems to manage receipt of sessions from virtual agents, address session replication and failover by automated delegation to human agents, and help with complex query resolution

Command Center

Provides a 360-degree view of your tickets and business services, generates data-driven insights, recommends remedial actions for issues, and helps create appropriate cases on any CRM system

Security Manager

Our solution is compliant with enterprise security guidelines and industry data privacy norms. Data is secure at rest or in motion, access is controlled by multi-party authentication, network isolation and customer-driven audits are in place